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The Basics of Label Design

Just like your logo, your label printing is one of the tools you need to convey your brand identity. Custom labels particularly ensure that you’re able to present a distinct brand that your target clients would easily relate to. Hence, it is so important that you have the right message for the right kind of brand you would want to convey.

When looking at your label printing design, look for the basics in the design of your custom labels:


A common issue that provides an impact not only in label printing but in most media is the placement of elements in your project. What elements are more prominent? If you post your print custom label from the other end of the room, would you be able to read what it says? Did some of the elements disappear from the screen? This is an issue of “legibility” – whether your message would be easily read no matter the size of your media.

For your custom labels to be effective, you have to consider that your choice of fonts and sizes should be legible enough that your target readers would be able to read your message even from across the room, and in any size. Sadly, even the most fancy label designs lose their effect just because some of the elements become unrecognizable when situations differ. In order for your print labels to be legible, you have to understand the play of elements within your project, e.g. elements with light colors would disappear against a light background.


Remember that people generally look at labels in passing. Hence, your label design should be able to capture your target clients’ attention even if they walk past it at a normal pace. The simpler your design, the easier it is for your target clients to remember your elements. Simpler designs often get more positive impact because people would get the idea right away. They don’t need to swim through a lot of clutter and unnecessary elements just to understand your message.

Look for labels where every element is screaming for attention. Steer clear from them. The less you try to explain your message, the easier it is for your target clients to understand your whole story.


This just means that your label should look clean and clear even if you print it in full color, on a large sheet, or even when you display it in low resolution. The elements should always be precise no matter what size or where you print it on. Reproducing your label design in any medium should be easy because your design is “usable” anywhere.

When designing your custom labels, be sure to consider the effectiveness of your marketing tool not only in the type of media you’re going to use, as well as how well it communicates your message. Your label printing should be able to cross borders and overcome limitations when it comes to getting the best offer across your target clients.

At Clarkson Graphic Services, not only can we help your with your next label project, but we can also provide your business with brochures, catalogues, business cards, envelopes, labels, presentation folders or any of your other business printing needs. Contact Clarkson Graphic Services today for a quotation.